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How Not to Choose a Career

This small article appeared in FAQs format in The Week (June 17, 2012)

1. I scored 85 in mathematics, so science is my thing.
Students tend to overlook the fact that a high score in mathematics might also mean a strong analytical ability which will yield success in trade and commerce.

2. All my friends are choosing X stream, so I too must follow suit.
Do not follow the herd. What be good for one, might not necessarily be good enough for another. Make a rational choice based on your interests.

3. My parents will be glad to see me take X stream.
Your parents will be glad to see you studying intently, provided you give them the desired output.

4. I am interested in X stream, but my friends think otherwise.
How will your friends’ opinion help you when you are struck in a job you do not really enjoy? It is your life, live it your way.

5. Choosing this career will take me far from home and family.
The earlier you adapt to alien environments, the better it is for you. Today or tomorrow, the break has to come. Better now, than later.

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