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How the Earth Got Its Beauty | Sudha Murty

Title: How the Earth Got Its Beauty
Author(s): Sudha Murty

Popular children's author Sudha Murty has come out with a beginners guide on the extraordinary stories about earth. "How the Earth Got Its Beauty", published by Penguin Random House imprint Puffin, has illustrations by Priyanka Pachpande.
"During my travels, I often see different landscapes - snow-clad mountains, meadows of flowers, singing rivers, animals of various shapes and sizes and the colourful life inside waterbodies. I became curious about the artist who has made this delightful chaos. Who is the magical painter who has created this incredible Earth," she says.

"I wondered and wondered and, to my astonishment, this story came to me in a beautiful flash and I wanted to share it with my young readers," she says about her new book.

Recommended for children aged between five and eight 8 years, the book features striking full-colour artworks.

According to Sohini Mitra, publisher at Penguin Random House, the book is part of "our endeavour to introduce the works of some of the finest storytellers of India to young, emerging readers in beautiful pictorial editions".

"The chapter book series with Mrs Murty features a wonderful set of books that introduce magical stories to kids by India's favourite author. The series brings together timeless tales told in accessible language and supported by stunning full colour artworks that make these absolute keepsakes in a child's library," she says.


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