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Books for Middle-grade Readers



  1. Aarcha syam

    Jungle Book

    The character of the story are Mowgli and sher khan .Kaa python and his other animals friends teaching the man -cub about he told me how to escape from the lion.
    Moral :-. Having good friends will save you from any danger.

    • Aarcha syam

      Twist:In this story olives twist he was orphaned.In this book was published the readers shocked.He was running away the house and good memorable characters, romance, popular melodrama cruel society are included in this story.
      Moral: when choosing a book, look for a good story.

  2. Aarcha syam

    Alice Adventure: This book is written by Lewis Carroll.It is a super funny book.The story is adventure and character Alice and white rabbit.All over the book which makes book interesting.

  3. Aarcha syam

    Black Beauty:A horse that lived with love in a good home.The owners sold the horse to others,were not loving.It didn’t get water or food.His old owner happened to ser this horse and took it home and took good care of it.

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