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Book Review: The Old Man and The Sea

Book Cover

Title: The Old Man and The Sea
Author: Ernest Hemingway
Publisher: Charles Scribner’s Sons
Reviewed by: Devadath S, 10A, KV Adoor Shift I

The Old Man and The Sea is a short novel written by Ernest Hemingway published in 1952. It is one of the classic from American Literature and awarded the 1953 Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

The story depicts an old fisherman Santiago, who is engaged in a battle with the great fish Marlin. To drag him up Santiago, suffer a lot to capture the Marlin physical is present through out his journey but he tries not to lose. Santiago has an enduring pride, which he expresses most clearly in the moments he realizes that more sharks are coming to eat the Marlin Santiago is a man fighting against defeat.

In this novel, their is a profound exploration of human kind ‘s relationship with nature.

The sea in the novel represents the life and Santiago’s isolation in the universe.

This is a best written adventures short novel everybody must read.

Featured Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash


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