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How to open eBooks in an eBook Reader?

Reading books in the digital format has its own advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that you can carry a whole library in your pocket or your handbag. One major disadvantage is that reading text on a screen can quickly tire your eyes. So you should not use an eReader continuously for a long time. You must give your eyes rest at fixed intervals.

There are a number of eReader apps to choose from nowadays.

But here we are going to check out one of the best eReaders. It is called Moon+ Reader. Unfortunately, it has only got the android version.

It is available for download in Google Play Store.

When you install it, it creates a folder called Books in your device’s internal storage. Copy all your ebooks (usually in epub format) to this folder.

Within the app, you can import all your ebooks into My Shelf, which is a virtual image of books arranged on innumerable shelves with their front covers showing. You can conveniently browse your collection and select a book to read.

To import your books select My Shelf, and then select Import Books. Select the Books folder and it will automatically import all your ebooks.

Moon+ Reader has several options which can make your reading very convenient.

There are options to change font face and font size. You can add your own fonts to the reader. You can change the background colour, or use an image as background to the text, so as to decrease the strain on your eyes. You can read books in dark mode, too. You can even add a page-flipping animation when you scroll the pages of your ebook.

This reader allows to open a wide variety of ebooks. You can even store books/articles as simple text files which you can flip through and read just like you read a book.


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