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GK Quiz #12

10 random questions to check your general knowledge.

#1. Which is the first country to announce equal pay for both male and female cricketers?

#2. What was the theme for International Day of Yoga 2022?

#3. The first case of monkeypox in humans was recorded in which country?

The first case of monkeypox was recorded in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in the year 1970. It is a rare zoonotic disease caused by the monkeypox virus, which belongs to the Poxviridae family. Its symptoms are similar to smallpox but milder.

#4. Keibul Lamjao National Park, the world’s only floating park located in North East India. It is an integral part of which lake?

Keibul Lamjao National Park is characterized by floating decomposed plant material locally called phumdi. It was created in 1966 as a wildlife sanctuary to preserve the natural habitat of the endangered Eld’s deer (Cervus eldi eldi). In 1977, it was gazetted as national park.

#5. In which state of India is the Taj Mahal situated?

It is situated in the eastern part of Agra city on the southern bank of the Yamuna River. Agra is in Uttar Pradesh, India.

#6. Which of the following cities is known as the Manchester of South India?

Being a hub of textile industry in South India, Coimbatore is sometimes referred to as the “Manchester of South India”.

#7. Losoong festival is celebrated in which of the following states of India?

Losoong is the Sikkimese New Year, of the Bhutia tribe, celebrated every year in December.

#8. Find the odd one out among the following brand logos.

Logo 3 belongs to Lufthansa, which is an airline. All the rest (Dominos, Starbucks and Macdonald) belong to food and beverage companies.

#9. What is the Roman numeral for 1000?

#10. During which of the following movements, Vande Mataram became the theme song of the Indian National Movement?


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