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Wings of fire – Book Review

Wings of fire is written by APJ Abdul kalam and Arun tiwari.  Wings of fire is an autobiography of APJ Abdul kalam covering his early life and his work in Indian space research and missile programs  .It is the story if a boy from a humble background who went on to beacame a key player on  Idian space research and later he became the president of India. The book has been very popular India as well as all over the world . It was very engaging initially but tended to drag a bit towards the end with a lot of technical details and information  of space researchresearch and missile project.

I loved the initial chapter of “wings of fire” Since it gives a great pictures  of our country during  1930-1950 .  Kalam sir was born in Ramasweram. The initial chapter provide a great glimpse of religious harmony  that existed during the partition of India. In younger year, kalam wanted to be an officer of air force ,  however he couldn’t  clear the interview.  Then, he met Swami sivananda after this failure and I found the words  very interesting as well as  prophetic.

In the book  I learnt how kalam started his career in Aeronautical development establishement and also involved in designing of the hovercraft. Later ,he moved to Indian space research which ws the brain child Vikram sarabhai . In 1963  kalam went to NASA facility in USA ( Maryland) as part if a training program  of rocket launching  techniques. There he came across a painting which depicts Tipu sultan rocket  warfare against British.

The book covers lot of ‘Behind the scenes’ information and technical details about missile program and Indian satellitesatellite,  ( SLV – 3, prithvi, agni, Akash, thrishul, nag etc. ) Space and missile program  are a huge project and managi g them is extremely challenge. The book does give a clear glimpse of the participatory management technique adopted by APJ Abdul kalam. But it had not be explained in  the book.

Wings of fire covers klaam sir personal life only briefly which is strange fir an autobiography . Kalam sir is a poet and I am a huge fan of his poetry.  The book contain many of his poem and some of the words and phrases  get attached with my heart.

Through wings of fire, I had seen many great personality Vikram sarabhai and Dr. Brahm prakash  . The book also contain  almost 23  photos. While seeing that photo and kalam’s  poetry I fell to be very proud and I wanted kalam sir be live.

One of the thing that stands through out the book is kalam’s positive thinking. He held many high rankings  in various organization .  The secret to his success seems to his ability to ignore  negative things around him. The book also gives the popularity of India .

“APJ Abdul kalam was simple ,  secular  inspiring humanitarian”

Review Submitted by Devika S,  Class 9B, Kendriya Vidyalaya Adoor,  Shift1


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