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The Diary of a Young Girl – Book Review

The book is written by Anne Otto Frank

It is a diary of a girl called Anne Frank. She was born in 12th June 1929 in an ancient Jewish family. One day a book was gifted to Anne,in that she started writing her diary. One day the Adolf Hitler took a campaign called Anti-Jewish. In that campaign he wanted to kill all the Jewish people in his country and make his country free from Jewish. So Anne, her family and some other decided to hide in Anne’s father’s Spice company’s secret room called Secret Annexe but the German soldiers caught her and others. She was died in 1945 in February 31 or March 1 (anyone don’t know the exact time) due to typhus (a disease) at Bergen Belson camp in her 15th year.Otto Frank (her father) was the only one who survived in that family. The Memmorial of Anne Frank and her sister Margot frank is in Bergen Belson camp.


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