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Ancient Egypt Quiz

#1. What does the word "pharaoh" mean?

#2. For how many years did the ancient Egyptian civilization last?

Ancient Egypt in North Africa was one of the most powerful and influential civilizations in the region for over 3,000 years, from around 3100 B.C to 30 B.C. It left behind numerous monuments, documents and works of art that continue to be studied by scholars today.

#3. What was the form of writing used by the ancient Egyptians?

#4. Which linguist played a major role in deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics?

#5. How many mummies did the archaeologists find inside the Great Pyramid at Giza?

No mummies were found inside the Great Pyramid. They had been stolen by robbers long before.

#6. Who was the last Egyptian pharaoh?

#7. Why were the Pharaoh's servants sometimes smeared with honey?

The Egyptians believed that if a dead body rotted, the person’s soul would suffer in the world of the dead.

#8. The tomb and treasure of which pharaoh was famously discovered in the Valley of the Kings in 1922?

#9. The Egyptians pyramids were

The pyramids are the stone tombs of Egypt’s kings – the Pharaohs.

#10. Which British archaeologist discovered Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922?

#11. The ancient Egyptians tried to stop the Nile River from flooding. True or false?

The Egyptians depended on the flooding of the Nile to grow crops.

#12. Which pharaoh commissioned the temple of Abu Simbel to be built?

#13. Which animals were seen as magical and sacred in Ancient Egypt?

#14. What invention of the Egyptians was important in enabling them to run a complex government?

#15. Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote his poem "Ozymandias" inspired by a relic from Ancient Egypt. Which one?


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