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Books and Authors Quiz 1


Books and Authors Quiz 1

Brought to you by Kendriya Vidyalaya Adoor Library

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#1. "Hori", a poor farmer, is the main character of which famous Hindi novel by Munshi Premchand?

#2. Which among the following is NOT a work of Rabindranath Tagore?

#3. The book "A Farewell to Arms" was written by

#4. Which of the following is NOT written by Munshi Premchand?

#5. The creator of the character "Tarzan" is

#6. Who is the father of English Poetry?

#7. "Madhusala" the book of poetry is written by

#8. The famous book "Anna Karenina" is written by

#9. Who wrote the novel Catch 22?

#10. "25 Years Of a life" is the biography of whom among the following?

#11. What is the first book in the Geronimo Stilton series?

#12. "The Gathering Storm", a definitive account of the Second World War, is authored by

#13. "Glimpses of World History" Written by

#14. "You too, Brutus!" is a dialogue from ________________.

#15. Under what pen-name did Samuel Langhorne Clemens write?

#16. Who is the author of "The Immortals of Meluha"?

#17. The book titled "A season of ghosts" is written by

#18. The second sequel of which of the following of Roald Dahl's books is an unfinished work?

Roald Dahl began writing a third book in the Charlie Bucket series, titled Charlie in the White House, but did not complete it.

#19. Which of these was NOT written by Charles Dickens?

#20. The creator of the famous detective character "Sherlock Holmes" is

#21. The author of "The Diary of a Young Girl" is

#22. Rabindranath Tagore renounced the Knighthood in 1919 as a protest against which incident?

#23. Which journalist and author wrote the "Chitty chitty bang bang" series of children's stories?

#24. Who was the wife of Othello?

#25. George Bernard Shaw, the great dramatist, was

#26. Tweedledum and Tweedledee are two characters of which children’s book?

#27. The author of "Around the World in Eighty Days" is

#28. The Jnanpith Award is given for outstanding contribution in the field of

#29. The book "Gulliver's Travels" was written by

#30. Cogito ergo sum (I think, therefore I am) is a Latin phrase by which philospher?


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