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R K Narayan Quiz

Book cover of R.K. Narayan: The Novelist and his Art


R K Narayan Quiz

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#1. Narayan's first book to get published was

#2. In which of Narayan's books does a tiger recount his story of capture by a circus owner?

#3. Upon what autobiographical event is Narayan's "The English Teacher" based?

#4. What was the name of the publishing company started by R K Narayan?

During the Second World War, being cut off from England, Narayan started his own publishing company, naming it Indian Thought Publications; the publishing company was a success and is still active, now managed by his granddaughter. [Wikipedia]

#5. In R K Narayan's name, what do the initials R K stand for?

#6. The novel "The Man-Eater of Malgudi" is about

The Man-eater of Malgudi, revolves around a taxidermist called Vasu who is incredibly egotistical, caring only for himself and ignoring the needs of others. He also believes that he can do whatever he wants.

#7. Upon which famous English author's recommendation was R K Narayan's first book published?

Narayan had sent the manuscript of Swami and Friends to a friend at Oxford, and about this time, the friend showed the manuscript to Graham Greene. Greene recommended the book to his publisher, and it was finally published in 1935. [Wikipedia]

#8. In which year did he receive the Padma Bhushan?

#9. R K Narayan was born on

#10. One of the following books is not written by R K Narayan. Which one?

#11. Which famous English author came to India to meet R K Narayan, but could not do so as not enough people had heard of him?

Somerset Maugham, on a trip to Mysore in 1938, had asked to meet Narayan, but not enough people had heard of him to actually effect the meeting. [Wikipedia]

#12. This critically acclaimed novel of R K Narayan was adapted into a Hindi film that won seven Filmfare awards. Name the top-selling book.

#13. Where is Malgudi actually located?

#14. R K Laxman, R K Narayan's brother, was a famous

#15. In which year was Narayan nominated to the Rajya Sabha for his contributions to literature?

During his entire six-year term in the Rajya Sabha, Narayan was focused on one issue—the plight of school children, especially the heavy load of school books and the negative effect of the system on a child’s creativity, which was something that he first highlighted in his debut novel, Swami and Friends. His inaugural speech was focused on this particular problem, and resulted in the formation of a committee chaired by Prof. Yash Pal, to recommend changes to the school educational system. [Wikipedia]


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