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#1. Where is the General Secretariat of INTERPOL currently located?

#2. AFIS database of INTERPOL deals with

AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) is a fingerprint database run by INTERPOL.

#3. Which agency is designated as the contact point for INTERPOL in India?

#4. INTERPOL has an official flag which is used for protocol and events. It has a light-blue background with the emblem in the centre, and four lightning flashes. When was the INTERPOL Flag adopted?

#5. What is the full name of INTERPOL?

The International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO), commonly known as INTERPOL is an international organization that facilitates worldwide police cooperation and crime control.

#6. There are 8 types of Notices in INTERPOL. What is the purpose of the Orange Notice?

#7. When was the modern Constitution of INTERPOL adopted?

#8. I-Familia database is one of the 19 databases run by INTERPOL. What is it's purpose?

#9. INTERPOL was conceived during the first International Criminal Police Congress held in

#10. Which year did India join INTERPOL as a member country?


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