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Charles Dickens Quiz

#1. Where in England was the author Charles Dickens born?

Though Dickens was born in Portsmouth, the family moved to London when he was 3 years old.

#2. For what was Charles Dickens' father imprisoned in 1824?

Getting into debt carried quite a stigma in 19th century Britain, as imprisonment was common.

#3. Of the following novels, which one did Charles Dickens consider as being his favourite?

David Copperfield is also considered as his autobiographical work.

#4. Which Dickens novel features scenes from The French Revolution?

#5. Which was the first novel of Charles Dickens?

#6. The two cities in the title "A tale of Two Cities" are __________ and __________. (select both cities)

Select all that apply:

#7. To which literary Age did Charles Dickens belong?

#8. Which of Charles Dickens' works remained unfinished at the time of his death?

As the book was not finished Drood’s killer is not revealed. His uncle, John Jasper, is the most likely murderer but no-one can be certain.

#9. In 1832 what did Charles Dickens nearly become?

Dickens originally wanted to be an actor. In 1832, he lined up an audition for himself at Covent Garden, but a nasty cold saw him miss this appointment with destiny, and it was a future of writing for him.

#10. What nom de plume did Charles Dickens use?

Boz was Dickens’ family nickname.

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