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Lionel Messi Quiz

#1. How old was Messi when he was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency?

#2. What club was Messi with in Argentina before he moved to Barcelona?

#3. What is the nickname of Messi?

#4. What shirt number does Messi wear at Barcelona?

#5. When did Messi win his first FIFA World Player of the Year award?

#6. How many "UEFA Best Player in Europe" award did Messi receive?

#7. What was Messi called by his local youth team?

#8. Which magazine ranked Messi as the world's richest footballer?

#9. What is the full name of Messi?

#10. What did Barca offer Messi that swung his decision to join them?

#11. How many siblings did Messi have?

#12. What year was Lionel Messi born?

#13. Maradona criticised Messi in 2008 by saying what?

#14. Against who did Messi make his debut for Argentina?

#15. Against which Spanish club did Messi score a near replica of Diego Maradona's wonder goal against England in the 1986 World Cup?

#16. What is Messi's position in Argentina national team?


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