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Sports Quiz 2

#1. The name Kunjarani Devi is associated with ___________.

#2. Which is the national sport of Bangladesh?

#3. The term "Tee" is connected with ___________.

#4. Where will the Winter Olympic Games 2022 be organized?

#5. India won its first Olympic hockey gold in

#6. All the following terms are associated with football, EXCEPT

Strike rate refers to two different statistics in the sport of cricket. Batting strike rate is a measure of how quickly a batsman achieves the primary goal of batting, namely scoring runs. Bowling strike rate is a measure of how quickly a bowler achieves the primary goal of bowling.

#7. "A Billion Dreams", a 2017 Indian documentary sports film, is about which sportsperson?

#8. Captain Roop Singh Stadium was originally a hockey stadium. Now it is associated with which sport?

#9. Which of the following is the longest running race in athletics?

Marathon covers 26 miles and 385 yards (42.195km).

#10. Elo rating is chiefly associated which of the following sports?

The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in zero-sum games such as chess. It is named after its creator Arpad Elo, a Hungarian-American physics professor.

#11. How many rings are there in the symbol of Olympic Games?

#12. In which Indian state did the game of Polo originate?

#13. C.K. Naidu Cup is associated with which of the following sporting events?

#14. The cricket World Cup of 2023 will be held in India. In which of the following years has India partially hosted the World Cup before?

In 2011, India hosted the World Cup along with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. India has been the co-host in 1987 and 1996 also. In 2023, India is going to be the sole host for the first time.

#15. Which is the largest cricket stadium in the world?

#16. In F1, how many cars are allowed in track by any one race team?

#17. Where in India is Sardar Patel Stadium located?

#18. Father of modern Olympic games is _______________.

#19. The Dronacharya Award is given to ______________.

#20. Total number of players playing on the pitch in a hockey match is?

#21. Which of the following games is associated with Wellington Trophy in India?

#22. Which of the following professional boxers was the first one to win the world heavyweight championship three times?

#23. Baseball is the national sport of all the following countries except

#24. The father of Leander Paes, the professional tennis player, was associated with which sport?

Vece Paes is a former Indian hockey midfielder, and representing the Indian team in the 1972 Munich Olympics, that won the bronze medal.

#25. Which Indian fencer has qualified for Tokyo Olympics?

#26. What is the healthy range in BMI (Body Mass Index)?

#27. Who is considered as the "father of modern yoga"?

#28. In cricket, what is the position of the third umpire?

#29. Who among the following has become the first women cricketer to score 2000 runs in Twenty20 Internationals?

#30. Which of the following sports requires the most space to play?

#31. Where were first Olympic Games held?

#32. A fast bowl delivery that passes inches away from the batsman is called _______________ .

Perfume ball refers to a fast bowl delivery that passes inches away from the batsman. The ball is so close to the batsman’s face that it is sometimes said that he can smell it.

#33. Milkha Singh, who passed away recently, was known as _______________.

#34. Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium is located in Hyderabad.

#35. Who among the following became the first grandmaster from India in 1988?

#36. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional basketball league in which country?

#37. Where in India is Keenan Stadium located?

#38. How many square grids are there in a chess board?

#39. In hockey, The limit on number of substitutions per game is?

#40. Whose autobiography is called "Goal"?


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