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Mahatma Gandhi Quiz


Mahatma Gandhi Quiz

Brought to you by Kendriya Vidyalaya Adoor Library

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#1. How old was Gandhi when he was shot dead by Nathu Ram Godse on Januray 30, 1948?

#2. In which year did Mahatma Gandhi start the Quit India Movement?

#3. Which of the following, according to Gandhiji, is NOT an essential principle of Satyagraha?

#4. In May 1916, Gandhi was invited to speak at laying of the foundation stone of which university?

#5. Mahatma Gandhi was named by Time Magazine's Person of the Year in

#6. Gandhiji was influenced by the book "Unto This Last". Who is the author?

#7. At which place was Gandhiji arrested for the first time by the British Government for sedition?

Mahatma Gandhi was arrested at Sabarmati on 10 March 1922 and sentenced to six-year jail for sedition. However, he eventually served only two years of that term.

#8. At which railway station was Gandhi thrown out of the train on his way to Pretoria?

#9. On Gandhi's suggestion which organization was formed in 1894 by the Indian community in South Africa?

#10. Gandhiji's "The Story of My Experiments with Truth" was originally written in Gujarati. Who translated it into English?

#11. How many times was Gandhiji nominated for Nobel Peace Prize?

Gandhiji never won the Nobel Peace Prize, although he was nominated five times, in 1937, 1938, 1939, 1947, and, finally, a few days before he was murdered in January 1948.

#12. Whom did Gandhiji consider as his political guru?

Mahatma Gandhi used to seek the opinion of Gopal Krishna Gokhale through letters while the former was in South Africa. Gokhale was the one who persuaded Gandhi to come back to India, invest time in understanding India and work for Indian independence struggle movement.

#13. The Champaran agitation is associated with which of the following plants?

The Champaran Satyagraha of 1917 was the first Satyagraha movement led by Gandhi in India and is considered a historically important revolt in the Indian Independence Movement. It was a farmer’s uprising that took place in Champaran district of Bihar, India, during the British colonial period.

#14. Where was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi born?

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in Porbandar, Gujarat, on 2 October 1869.

#15. In 2007, the United Nations General Assembly declared Gandhi's birthday 2nd October as



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