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Rivers of India Quiz


Rivers of India Quiz

Brought to you by Kendriya Vidyalaya Adoor Library

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#1. Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej are tributaries of

#2. Which of the following river does not originate from India?

The Brahmaputra is also known as the Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibet, the Siang/Dihang River in Arunachal Pradesh, and Luit, Dilao in Assam. It is a trans-boundary river which flows through Tibet, India, and Bangladesh. It is the 9th largest river in the world by discharge, and the 15th longest.

#3. The Ganga, rising near the glacier Gangotri in the Himalayas, flows through Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal and falls into the

#4. The longest river in India, taking into account its length, is

As per the new findings, the Brahmaputra is 3,848 kilometres long, though it flows only 916 kilometres within India. The length of the Ganga is 2,525 kilometres and it flows almost completely within the mainland of India (At the end of its journey it flows through Bangladesh also). So, lengthwise, the Brahamaputra is the longest river.
Rivers of India

#5. Vijaywada is situated at the bank of

#6. Which of the following rivers is named as the Dakshina Ganga?

#7. Where is Mayurakshi Reservoir Project?

Massanjore dam (also called Canada Dam) is built across the Mayurakshi. It was commissioned in 1955. Formally inaugurated by Lester B. Pearson, Foreign Minister of Canada, it is about 38 kilometres (24 mi) upstream from Siuri in West Bengal. It is 47 metres (155 ft) high from its base and is 660 metres (2,170 ft) long. The reservoir has an area of 67.4 square kilometres (16,650 acres) when full and has a storage capacity of 620,000,000 cubic metres (500,000 acre⋅ft). It had cost Rs. 16.10 crore.

#8. The river Godavari originates from

#9. Ayodhya is situated at the bank of

#10. Srinagar is situated at the bank of



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