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National Reading Day Quiz


National Reading Day is celebrated to honour the Father of the Library Movement in Kerala, the late Puthuvayil Narayana Panicker. The purpose of celebrating National Reading Day is to spread awareness about the importance of reading and promote a culture of reading among people and encourage literary reflection on school children, youth, and the country’s poorest population.

This quiz is on books, authors and reading. And, of course, P N Panicker.

#1. Gita Govinda is a work composed by which 12th-century Hindu poet?

#2. What is the name of the character created by Ruskin Bond to tell stories about his own past?

Rusty is a popular fictional character created by Ruskin Bond. Rusty is a sixteen-year-old Anglo-Indian boy living in Dehradun. He is orphaned and has no real family. He starts living with his guardian Mr. John Harrison, who is stern and harsh in his manners.

#3. The activities of the Kerala Grandhasala Sangham that the late P N Panicker initiated triggered a popular cultural movement in Kerala which produced universal literacy in the state in the 1990s. When was P N Panicker born?

#4. The Department of Posts honored P N Panicker by issuing a commemorative postage stamp in

#5. What's the name of the book written by Winston Churchill which covers the time period between the two World Wars?

#6. When did Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi declare June 19, Kerala's Reading Day, as National Reading Day in India?

#7. Which Indian author recently got the International Booker Prize for Translated Fiction?

#8. In R K Narayan's name, what do the initials R K stand for?

#9. In which work of Kalidasa is Kerala mentioned?

#10. The original name of "Mahabharata" is

#11. This companion of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes is also the narrator of all his stories. Who is he?

#12. P N Panicker founded the Thiruvithaamkoor Granthasala Sangham (Travancore Library Association) in 1945 with 47 rural libraries. The slogan of this organization was ________________.

#13. This Greek historian wrote the first systematic book of history and is, therefore, known as "The Father of History". Who are we talking about?

#14. Which of these famous poets wrote an introduction to Rabindranath Tagore’s famous work "Gitanjali"?

“Gitanjali” is Tagore’s best-known collection of poetry, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913.

#15. Which of the following is NOT written by Munshi Premchand?

#16. What's the name of the book written by Winston Churchill which covers the time period between the two World Wars?

#17. In India, National Reading Day is celebrated to honour the late P N Panicker, who is best known as the Father of the Library Movement in Kerala. When is National Reading Day celebrated?

#18. One of the following books is not authored by Ruskin Bond. Which one?

Man-Eaters of Kumaon is a 1944 book written by hunter-naturalist Jim Corbett. It details the experiences that Corbett had in the Kumaon region of India from the 1900s to the 1930s, while hunting man-eating Bengal tigers and Indian leopards. One tiger, for example, was responsible for over 400 human deaths.

#19. “Happy families are all alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Which novel of Leo Tolstoy opens with this sentence?

#20. What is the second Harry Potter book called?


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