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Leo Tolstoy Quiz

#1. What vice did Tolstoy have?

#2. Which philosopher did Tolstoy credit his extreme self-discipline?

#3. In which year did Leo Tolstoy receive the Nobel Prize in Literature?

He received nominations for the Nobel Prize in Literature every year from 1902 to 1906 and for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1901, 1902, and 1909. That he never won is a major controversy. [Wikipedia]

#4. Leo Tolstoy was born in a poor peasant family. True or False?

He was born in a rich aristocratic Russian family. The Tolstoys were a well-known family of old Russian nobility who traced their ancestry to a mythical nobleman named Indris. [Wikipedia]

#5. When Leo Tolstoy was born, Russia followed Julian calendar. His date of birth according to Julian calendar was 28 August 1828. What was his date of birth according to Gregorian calendar?

#6. “Happy families are all alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Which novel of Leo Tolstoy opens with this sentence?

#7. Where did Leo Tolstoy study languages and law but returned without degree?

#8. What caused Leo Tolstoy’s death?

#9. What did Tolstoy witness in 1857 that would affect him for the rest of his life?

#10. During which war did Leo Tolstoy command a battery?


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