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Freedom Fighters of India Quiz

Around 75 years ago, on the historic date of 15th August 1947, India became free from British domination. It was the culmination of numerous movements and struggles that were rife throughout the time of British rule including the historic revolt of 1857. This independence was achieved through the efforts of many revolutionary freedom fighters, who took the lead in organizing the struggle which led to India’s independence. Although they were of varied ideologies ranging from moderates to extremists, their contribution to India’s freedom struggle has been immortalized in the minds of every Indian. This quiz is an attempt to help you learn a little more about the real heroes of India.


Freedom Fighters of India Quiz

Brought to you by Kendriya Vidyalaya Adoor Library

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Freedom Fighters of India Quiz

Brought to you by Kendriya Vidyalaya Adoor Library

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#1. Who among the following never became President of Indian National Congress?

#2. One time associate of Mahatma Gandhi, broke off from him and launched a radical movement called "Self-respect Movement". Who was he?

#3. Which one of the following is known as Mother of Indian Revolutionaries?

#4. Who was called Grand Old Man of India?

#5. Whose death coincided with the launch of the Non-cooperation Movement in 1920?

#6. Which poet was a witness to the The Revolt of 1857?

#7. During which of the following movements, Vande Mataram became the theme song of the Indian National Movement?

#8. Who was the first President of Indian National Congress?

#9. "Abhinav Bharat", a secret society of revolutionaries, was organized in 1904 by

#10. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is equated with which of the following leaders?

#11. Who among the following formed a party named as "Forward Bloc"?

#12. Who was the first Indian to become member of the British Parliament?

#13. In which language was Kesari, a newspaper started by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, published?

#14. Lala Lajpat Rai died as a result of injuries during the protest against the visit of

#15. Who of the following leaders was popularly known as Lokhitwadi?

#16. Which of the organisation was founded by Gopal Krishna Gokhale?

#17. Aruna Asaf Ali was associated with which one of the following?

#18. The call of "Back to the Vedas" was given by

#19. Who was called the Father of the Indian Unrest by the British?

#20. Which of the following freedom fighters was also a civil rights activist in South Africa?

#21. Who said "Give me blood, I will give you freedom"?

#22. Who was the first Indian lady to preside over the Congress?


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