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#1. What is the correct HTML for inserting an image?

#2. What is the correct HTML for creating a hyperlink?

#3. What does HTML stand for?

#4. The HTML tag <iframe> is used to display image in a frame.

An <iframe> is used to display a web page within a web page.

#5. In HTML, which element starts with <!-- and ends with -->?

#6. Which character is used to indicate an end tag in HTML?

#7. What is the correct HTML code for adding a background color?

#8. HTML is

HTML (Hyper-Text Mark-up Language) is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser.

#9. Which of the following is NOT an HTML hexadecimal color code?

HTML hexadecimal color codes are formed with numbers from 0 to 9 and letters from A TO F. The letter “H” is not used.

#10. Choose the correct HTML element to make text bold.

#11. Which HTML element defines the title of a document?

#12. What is the correct HTML for inserting a background image?

#13. Who is making the Web standards?

Web standards are the core set of rules for developing websites. The central organization who is responsible for creating and maintaining web standards is the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The W3C has defined dozens of standards, including the standard markup languages we use to build websites.

#14. How can you make a numbered list?

#15. Find the odd one out of the following HTML elements.

<tt> is used for displaying teletype text. All the rest are elements used for creating a table.

#16. Which of the below is the correct HTML element for the largest heading?

#17. How can you open a link in a new tab/browser window?

#18. Which of the following set of HTML codes contains an error?

The # (hash sign) preceding the hexadecimal color code is missing.

#19. When you want the user to select more than one option, you will use

Only checkboxes allow the user to select more than one option.

#20. What is the correct HTML element for inserting a line break?


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