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Library Week 2022 Quiz

#1. Who wrote the book "Discovery of India"?

#2. "A Suitable Boy", one of the longest novels published in a single volume, is written by

#3. What is the person who has drawn pictures in a published book known as?

#4. "Hori", a poor farmer, is the main character of which famous Hindi novel by Munshi Premchand?

#5. The poem "Vande Maataram" is taken from which book?

#6. Where is the National Library of India located?

#7. Italian children's book author Elisabetta Dami has written which very popular series of books?

#8. Who quoted, "Child is the father of Man"?

#9. In the book "The Diary of a Young Girl", who is Margot?

#10. The famous children's book "Jungle Book" was written by

#11. What is the first book in the Geronimo Stilton series?

#12. On what birthday does Anne Frank's diary begin?

#13. In "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", who are the Oompa Loompas?

#14. Pick the odd one out from the following.

All the rest have a periodicity like weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

#15. "Arthashastra", an Ancient Indian Sanskrit book written by Chanakya, does not deal with

#16. Which of the following will NOT be a helpful arrangement of books in a library?

#17. Who is cosidered as the Father of Library Science in India?

S R Ranganathan is an Indian librarian and educator who is considered the father of library science in India and whose contributions had worldwide influence.

#18. What is this part of the book shown in the picture known as? It holds the book together and usually contains the title of the book and the author's name.

Spine is the back portion of a book’s binding which is visible when a book is shelved in a bookcase; the portion which is attached at the joints to the front and rear covers. The book spine generally includes the book’s title, the author’s name—or at least last name—and the publisher.

#19. Which of the following books is written by Kapil Dev?

#20. Who wrote the Book "Gandhi and Stalin"?


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